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“They” offered me $5 million to throw my clients under the bus; an offer I would never consider. And the offer was insulting based on the fact it was less than one-half of one percent of the value of the art [$50 billion].

Three days after I moved to have the clerk enter Default against the Smithsonian, the Smithsonian agreed to return more than $10 billion dollars of stolen Black Art. The Smithsonian "cut a back room" deal to deny me personal DAMAGES of $4.32 billion dollars.

Twenty-five (27) years ago my law firm (Gibbs, Scott & Redmond) was retained to represent the Estate of the late Black artist, William H. Johnson. I didn't know the Smithsonian Institution was private or the composition of their Board of Regents: The Chancellor-Chief Justice US Supreme Court; Vice-President; 3 Senators; 3 Representatives and 9 civilians representing the most powerful corporations in the world.

It was my belief that a few works of art would be recovered valued at about $250,000. My investigation revealed the Harmon Foundation stole 2,000 works of art by Johnson - $10 Billion and 1,000 works of art belonging to 200 Black artists - $10 Billion and a connection to the Dr. Barnes Art Trust - $30 Billion: see, The Art of the Steal, by Don Argott. During my conversation with Dr. Johnnetta Cole (former President Spellman College), Dr. Cole stated, “I do not have any of the art, but you are about to open a ‘can of worms’ that you have no idea.”

Dr. David Driskell “oversaw” the thefts by the Harmon Foundation. When Driskell resigned as Chairman Art Department, Fisk University to accept the same position at the University of Maryland – Driskell stole artwork valued at more than $100 million. Driskell became Curator of William “Bill” Cosby’s art collection. Having teamed with Cosby – they gained control of $$$ billion [estimated to be $10 billion] of stolen Black art at the Smithsonian Institution, and stole art from the Dr. Barnes Trust [Valued at $30 Billion].

The stolen art was used to corrupt politicians, lawyers, judges and public figures. Bill Cosby is “protected” by a person or persons in the Justice Department. The political “system” we believe we have do not exist. Congress is controlled – “key” members are controlled by stolen art. I believed members of Congress were dedicated to serving their constituency. Wrong, there is a corrupt structure in place to serve the rich: below are the realities hidden from America:

…while litigating the stolen art I appeared on CBS Sunday Morning, BET Television, ABC – News (New York), NBC – News (Savannah, Georgia), NBC – News (Florence, SC), Channel 21 News – Washington, DC area, Washington Post, etc….

My illegal arrest (2003), indictment and tortured confession were secured for the sole purpose of preventing me from exposing the art thefts…. USA Rod Rosenstein by and through AUSA James Trusty on behalf of the Justice Department ordered me to be tortured; to force me to confess to a crime that Trusty knew had not been committed. USA James Trusty conspired with an individual(s) to ensure I was denied bail. 

AUSA James Trusty stood before Judge Day and stated, “Well, these pleadings in terms - they probably will not generate counts by way of criminal conduct because it is my understanding that with the time stamp it shows they were hand delivered, and I’m not sure if there is any - they would not be covered by mailing or writing threatening communications. ...During Attorney Gibbs' 60 years we cannot find so much as a speeding ticket.” [sic] …then I was “flagged” by the Justice Department.

My TORTURE over 18 months included but was not limited as follow:[3] Forced to stay in a prison cell 23 hours a day where the temperature exceeded 105 degrees; Denied law library privileges, pen and pencil, legal documents not filed with the court; Forced to stand outside in 30 degree weather in a tee-shirt; Transported in a steel cage to which there was no escape during a catastrophic accident, and the heat turned off in winter and the air conditioning turned off in the summer – I came very close to death; Flown thousands of miles over several days to travel less than 200 miles; Forced to undergo sleep deprivation prior to court appearances.

The Chief Judge (Federal District Court) removed my case from the assigned judge and re-assigned it to the Chief Judge of another state: illegal; I was not notified nor was a hearing held: illegal; “They” did not issue an order or cause an entry to be made on the DOCKET: both illegal.

When “they” destroyed me and my Law Firm [GIBBS, SCOTT & REDMOND], in addition to litigating the largest art conspiracy in history, I was in the process of developing a means to quantify pain in personal injury cases:

Expert reconstruction of the accident using a robotic “cadaver” while explaining the actual effects of pain – E=mgh, E=(½)kx^2,x=sqrt(2mgh/k), f=kx=sqrt(2mghk). Investigating two innocent Black Men having been executed (1950s) in Florence, South Carolina. In one case, a White doctor on his “death bed” confessed to having killed his wife and “staged” the evidence to convict his Black gardener. The other case involved “covering up” two murders committed by a White politician’s mentally challenged son – the son was in love with the female victim. Police women were relegated to clerical duties and jail matrons. Gibbs encouraged Hilda Hubbard and Iren Niles to seek equal patrol rights and supported every effort they undertook. …it was Contracts (class) that prevented me from completing law school in two years. Pursuant to ABA Guidelines, I would have been required to attend law school for two and one-half years. I “walked away” from law school for eight years prior to returning to graduate.

Peter Stern, Esq., assisted by James Bogle, Sr. Ass AG, South Carolina, had me falsely arrested, tortured and convicted to conceal the largest art conspiracy in American history: assisted by AUSA James Trusty – he rigged the grand jury: there was no crime, no victim or witness PRESENTED TO THE GRAND JURY. AND, AUSA Neil Corwin – stopped the investigation by the FBI Art Theft Unit, Queens, New York.

            The FBI falsely arrested me and confiscated my case file – Gibbs v. Smithsonian Institution. The file was protected by attorney client privilege; yet AUSA James Trusty distorted facts in the file to effect my prosecution.

            I dismissed Ms. Oprah Winfrey from the litigation in February 2001. Ms. Winfrey signed an affidavit attesting to the fact she did not possess stolen art. The suit provided Ms. Winfrey each and every detail concerning the stolen art. Yet, August 2001, Ms. Winfrey had Bill Cosby appear on her show to promote his stolen art…. (Accessory after the fact at a minimum)

            Michael Rosenfeld (Gallery) used a bogus purchase from the Mary Beatie Brady Estate to provide cover for art stolen from Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs): Fisk, Howard, Hampton, Tuskegee, Morgan State and Clark Atlanta Universities – Chiefly, the William H. Johnson painting “Sarah” was stolen from Tuskegee University. Mary Beatie Brady as President of the Harmon Foundation was responsible for the theft of 2,000 works of art by William H. Johnson, and 1,000 works of art by 200 Black artist. OBSERVATION: Michael Rosenfeld is the weak link in the corrupt organization and will “rat” on his mother to avoid jail time.

             Dr. Richard Powell, as a young art student, was coerced into a love affair with an older professor, Dr. David Driskell. When Driskell departed Fisk University as Chairman of the Art Department to take the same position at the University of Maryland – Driskell stole more than 100 paintings from Fisk University: those paintings are valued at more than $100 million. Dr. Driskell became curator of Bill Cosby’s art collection and Driskell and Cosby extended their thefts to the Dr. Barnes Art Trust [$30 Billion]…. Dr. Powell is weak and cannot withstand interrogation as to the facts of the case: he will reveal – who, when, where and how…the why is tied to great financial gain,

             The Smithsonian Institution discovered they are in possession of stolen Black art having a value of more than $10 Billion. In order to cover-up the theft, the Smithsonian joined with Dr. Driskell to have Dr. Powell create a false provenance for the stolen art work.

              Why would the Justice Department “protect” William “Bill” Cosby and Rep. John Lewis (D-GA)? It would be at the request of “powerful” people or Cosby and Lewis were used as informants – spying on Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement. Bill Cosby can be compared to Vito Corleone (God-Father). If I was an investigator on the Ennis Cosby murder case, I would re-open the case…. There are several books in the conspiracy: Dr. Richard Powell, Homecoming – The Art and Life of William H. Johnson; Dr. David Cl. Driskell, The other Side of Color – African American Art in the Collection of Camille O. and William H. Cosby Jr.; NOVAE: William H. Johnson. And exposing the conspiracy: Steve Turner & Victoria Dailey, William H. Johnson – Truth Be Told. Film: The Art of the Seal, Don Argott, and more than 300 documents retrieved from the Library of Congress (Madison Building), Inspector General (Smithsonian Institution) and the National Achieves. ADDITIONALLY, I’ve written: M.E. (Melvin Eugene) The Last Angry Cop!... first pinned (2011) as “I Am No Ordinary Negro! – taken from a letter written by William H. Johnson in 1938.

              What happened to me is an example of the fate that awaited the women “drug” raped … had they come forward 30, 40 years ago.

               In the event of my death or incapacity any and all investigations must begin and end HERE!

If there exist any doubts concerning these stated facts, invite Al Sharpton, the NAACP and members of the Black Caucus to a meeting and reveal the contents of the art thefts and request their opinions as to what should be done. Jointly request the opinion of the three senators and three representatives on the Smithsonian’s board of regents and those in power at the Smithsonian; particularly the Museum of American Art.

I was recruited to play Basketball by legendary Boys High School Coach Mickey Fisher, who informed me, “If you don’t know the players, you can’t keep score.”

[1]              "...I was born poor – and colored – and almost all the prettiest roses I have seen have been in rich people’s yards, not in mine. That is why I cannot write exclusively about roses and moonlight – for sometimes in the moonlight my brothers see a fiery cross and a circle of Klansmen’s hoods. Sometimes in the moonlight a dark body swings from a lynching tree, but for his funeral there are no roses." Langston Hughes

I discovered and litigated the theft of 2,000 works of art ($10 Billion) by William H. Johnson – stolen by the Harmon Foundation: and the Harmon Foundation also stole 1,000 works of art ($10 Billion) by 200 Black artists. My litigation has provided the illegal “links” connected to the Dr. Barnes Art Trust ($30 Billion) controlled by Lincoln University (HBCU). The thefts are documented by Director Don Argott, The Art of the Steal. Bill Cosby and Dr. David Driskell (Cosby’s curator); Dr. Richard Powell and Michael Rosenfeld (Gallery): the stolen art “is” fenced through the Rosenfeld Gallery. Cosby and John Lewis (D-GA) were used by the Justice Department to “inform” on Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement; "THEY" used art from the $10 Billion (stolen Black art) at the Smithsonian Institution to corrupt the Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP and every Black political and public figure.

Bill Cosby is a pedophile, “drug” rapist, ART THIEF and has wrecked more havoc on the Black community than Satan….

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