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My story tells a great injustice -

This is not about: SELLING A BOOK!!!

Arrested to Protect the Rich & Powerful

I was incarcerated to protect William “Bill” Cosby’s involvement in the thefts of Black art [$50 Billion], and “those” who allow Cosby’s pedophilia and drug rapes: quid pro quo (something for something).

I’m in a jail cell lying on the bottom bunk bed clutching my chest desperately attempting to prevent my lungs from exploding through my chest. The temperature has exceeded 105 degrees. My lungs have been damaged by disease: Sarcaroidosis and the steroids used to treat the disease. No, I’m not at Abu Ghraib or a prison in a foreign country. I’m at SuperMax, Baltimore, Maryland. The conditions at SuperMax are so deplorable; the State of Maryland closed the facility and do not permit state inmates to be sent there. The only exception is; inmates on death row.


Assistant US Attorney [District of Maryland], Jim Trusty stood before the judge [2003] and stated: "Well, these pleadings in terms of - they probably will not generate counts by way of criminal conduct because it is my understanding that with the time stamp [blue stamp evidencing filing in person] it shows they were hand delivered, and I’m not sure if there is any -- they would not be covered by mailing or writing threatening communications ..., In ‘Attorney Gibbs' 60 years, we cannot find so much as a parking ticket."

Assistant US Attorney [Southern District of New York], Neil Corwin "forced" the F.B.I. to stop their criminal investigation of the Smithsonian Institution - initiated my me [Attorney Gibbs].

My law firm [GIBBS, SCOTT & REDMOND] was destroyed: The JUSTICE DEPARTMENT tortured me for 18 months (2003 – 2004) and forced me to confess to a crime that never occurred: I was placed in a cell 23 hours a day where the temperature exceeded 105 degrees; I was denied medications designed to save my life; I was forced to stand on a Tarmac wearing a T-shirt when the temperature was below 32 degrees; I was transported in a “compartmented” cage – the air conditioning turned off; I passed out and almost died; forced to undergo sleep deprivation; and so on….

The Justice Department sought to conceal Bill Cosby’s role as an informant – spying on Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement. AND, the Congressional Black Caucus intervened to protect Pres. Bill Clinton, Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), Bill Cosby, Dr. David Driskell and Dr. Richard Powell; the NAACP protected Julian Bond. Al Sharpton, black preachers, White politicians and White judges sought to profit from the stolen art and protect the rich and powerful: The Pew Charitable Trusts, the Lenfest Foundation and the Annenberg foundation.

What crime did I commit, you ask? Not only did I not commit a crime, no crime was committed therefore my incarceration could not be blamed on mistaken identity.

When arrested, I was an honorably discharged Vietnam Era Veteran, a retired New York City Police Officer and practicing attorney.

My Crime, Uncovering the Largest Art Conspiracy in History; stolen art with an estimated value of more than $50 Billion!

Dr. David C. Driskell was employed by University of Maryland, Chairman of the Art Department. He is on the boards of the Smithsonian Institution, Amistad Research Center - Tulane University, Museum of Harlem, and curator to William "Bill" Cosby and art consultant to President William "Bill" & Senator Hillary Clinton; arranged by Bill Cosby. Driskell also arranged for Semmie Knox to be the official presidential portrait artist, for President William Jefferson Clinton. Speeches by former presidents do generate huge sums of money, but: ................. How did Bill Cosby's net worth, exceed $125 million? What role did Oprah Winfrey play?

The Inspector General, Smithsonian Institution, provided me documented proof that the Smithsonian Institution has stolen Black art having an estimated value of more than $1.5 Billion, committed fraud on a federal court, and criminally violated U.S. Copyright Law.

Why did the Smithsonian [Private] Institution receive a quarter billion dollars in Stimulus Funds?

More than $300 million of art is missing from Fisk, Howard, Morgan, Hampton, Tuskegee and Clark Atlanta Universities. The stolen art was fenced [sold] through the Michael Rosenfeld Art Gallery, New York City. Dr. Driskell and Dr. Powell "worked" for Michael Rosenfeld. Gustav Klimt's, Adele Bolch-Bauer I, sold for $135 million [During one of my visits to New York City] - breaking Vincent van Gogh's, record of $85 million. William H. Johnson's artwork received favorable reviews with comparisons to Van Gogh.

During the Great Depression, William H. Johnson's artwork was selling for an average of $100, and you literally could not give away, a Picasso. Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) and his wife are connected to the thefts from Clark Atlanta University. Dr. David Driskell stole more than $100 million of art from Fisk University, during his tenure as Chairman, Art Department. Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga), graduated from Fisk. If you believe John Lewis is a great civil rights leader, other than being hit on the head by a police officer; name one accomplishment that makes him a great civil rights leader.

An attorney witnessed Ms. Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Driskell at an art auction engaged with some of the stolen art. The information was given to me; therefore, Oprah was added as a defendant in the lawsuit In February 2001, Oprah signed a sworn affidavit, attesting to the fact she had no involvement with the stolen art.

Based on Oprah’s Sworn Affidavit, I dismissed her from the suit. Oprah had knowledge of the thefts by Bill Cosby and Dr. Driskell. Yet, Oprah invited Bill Cosby to appear on her show August 2002, to promote the stolen art and Dr. Driskell. The action by Oprah is a crime, accessory after the fact. Punishable as if she committed the crime. Oprah’s invitation to Bill Cosby was extended in opposition to the advice of her attorneys.

How did Bill Cosby convince Oprah to violate the law? What leverage does Bill Cosby have on Oprah? Given Oprah’s close association with President Obama, what influence does Bill Cosby exert with the White House through Oprah? Why was I tortured, to force me to confess to a crime that never occurred?

Because, I’m the Last Angry Cop, and I AM NO ORDINARY NEGRO! Who Am I, And What Am I To You?

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